My Swedish Heritage

Narratives about genealogy and DNA connecting me to my Brorström-Wennström-Larsson
ancestors who
immigrated to America in the 1880's

By Burks Oakley II

burkso2 [at] gmail [dot] com
Burks in

Burks in Billdal, Sweden
12 May 2018

Lena Kannesten - A Wennström Connection

Eva Josefsson - A Wennström Connection     

Lise-Lotte Kolmberger - A Wennström Connection     DNA logo

The Lipot Family - A Wennström Connection       
DNA logo

Magnus Ivarsson - A Wennström Connection

Barbro Blomberg - A Wennström Connection

Peter Wennström - A Wennström Connection

Cecilia Liljedahl - A Wennström Connection

Hans-Fredrik Wennström - A Wennström Connection

Barbara Brosz - A Wennström Connection
       DNA logo

Gary Kenna Brown - A Wennström Connection       DNA connection

My Brorström First Cousins in America       DNA logo

The Brorström Family in Sweden

The Origin of the Brorström Name in Sweden

The Brorström-Wennström Family in America

Paul Brorström Newspaper Special - 23 June 1991

Kendall Perks - A Brorström-Wennström Connection       DNA logo

Anna Guttorp - A Brorström Connection

Birgit Tesch - A Brorström Connction

Birgitta Landén - A Brorström Connection

Björn Magnus Brorström - A Brorström Connection

Ann Brorström - A Brorström Connection
Descendants of Lillian Brorström

Cederholm Relationship - A Brorström Connection        

Stuart W. Eck - A Brorström Cousin        DNA logo

Göran Grottling - A Larsson Connection         DNA logo

The Thackaberry Family - A Larsson Connection      
 DNA logo

Robert Bergmark - A Larsson Connection       DNA logo

The Johnson Family - A Larsson Connection        DNA logo

Updated  1 October 2018